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Necklace made of custom amino acid beads.
2011 NSF Scientific Visualization Challenge
1st place video catetory with A Noske & B Marsh
NSF Scientific Visualization Challenge 1st place in the video category
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My YouTube channel shows quick experiments with 3D software.
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Want to run a molecular viewer directly inside of Cinema4D, Blender or Maya? Click here to download ePMV (its free)!
Tab Introduction
Welcome to, the new home of This site offers:
• links to my UCSF lab and related projects
• links to autoPack, autoCell, ePMV...
• medical & scientific animation services
• stock molecular images for slide, video or press
• updates on the science of my PhD
• 3d software plugins
• tutorials for molecular graphics & c4d
• useful links for scientists and illustrators
• article PDFs
• educational tools, including animations
• link to purchase amino acid beads
• artwork and tangible prints for sale
• information about medical illustration
• permission instructions for image use
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Graham's portrait Graham Johnson, PhD, is a Certified Medical Illustrator with 14 years of professional experience. He has specialized in molecular and cellular biology since graduating from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1997 with a masters degree in Medical and Scientific Illustration. He illustrated the textbook Cell Biology along with all other visuals on this website. Graham currently lives San Francisco and works as a qb3@UCSF Faculty Fellow at the University of California, San Francisco in Genentech Hall. More information and a CV can be found on the News & Info page.

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This accordian panel will summarize the goal/purpose of medical illustration as it contributes to research, education, and outreach.
Visualizion Career Paths for Scientists
Tab Why?
Visualizion Career Paths for Scientists
This accordial panel will briefly describe why medical illustrators are needed and will attempt to answer the question, "why not just use photographs?"
Tab Where?

My address often confuses clients, friends, and family. Since 2008, I've lived in an Airstream travel trailer, roaming the streets, just a few block from the Pacific Ocean. I own a condo in Boulder, CO, but abandoned it to renters when I matriculated at Scripps in 2005. Since Nov. 15, 2000, a mail-forwarding company in Texas has collected all of my mail. They ship it to where ever I live on a weekly basis. As of 2012, I live in San Francisco.
Graham and Flower in front of airstream trailer in snow

I'm working on a deeper portfolio. In the mean time, you'll see here a random assortment of images ranging from my first cover, completed in 1998, through several cover bids for various scientists, to my current experiments with Brad Marsh's data and my own algorithms. I'll post explanations and other information soon.
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